I'm happy to report that Facade works well on my work computer, though I haven't played it a lot yet because, well, it's work, and even though I turn off my desk lamp when I'm off duty, people might get the wrong idea. Anyway, some early notes:

1) Neither Trip nor Grace is especially likable. Trip is way more insecure and status-conscious than he should be, and also disrespectful to his parents, who (at least according to Grace's testimony) are nice enough people. Then you have Grace, who is nearly the embodiment of "passive-aggressive" -- i.e., she won't actually confront you, but she'll shuck off enough bad attitude to make you wish she'd just blow up and get it over with.

2) Trip is awfully touchy. Just about anything will provoke him to throw you out of the apartment. Sure, the first time he may have had a case, when I suggested he kill both his parents (but hey, he was the one who was whining about them). And I guess kissing Grace after talking to her for 10 minutes is a little different from kissing her when I first come in the door. And maybe it's kind of rude to tell your buddy's wife to shut up, even if he's been yelling at her for the past ten minutes... so, okay, I guess Trip isn't all that touchy. But I've sure been kicked out of the apartment a lot. One of these times I'm going to have to play as though these people are actually my friends.

Still, from a gaming perspective, it's plenty of fun. More reports to come...

Cool! I'll be playing later since I'm Elly's slave and he forced me to download it and seed it, so, heh.
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