Data Stream - White Wasteland {Public Preview!}

by Mista-mage123
Preview version for Excel Rayne Datastream - Wandering the White Wasteland. Join the community as you wander to find a way out of a world unseen.
Post here if you are interested in a private beta, listing your key, and reasons you want to test, and why I should select you for the test.
Hi gimme

Key: Hollow Hitsu

Why I want to test: That's pretty obvious, red.

Why you should select me: Because you love me.
I'd love to participate in the beta.
Key: ERMountain
Why: I'd love to participate in the closed Beta to ER. I have been a big fan from day one. I have systematically broken the game a few more times, which just shows I like to reach the limits of the game. I have participated in Data Streams testing before, and I'm very intrigued by the prelude.
I sure would want to participate in it.

Key: Leofox

Why: I like this game enough to have fun and be serious in one second.

Why you should select me is because I'm just one of those other people.....

Key : ShadoxParadox

Reason : Ive seen the Gameplay so far it looks nice and im interested in the story. Plus i love Textbased RPG games.

Why : I find glitches usally during gameplay (Think of it as a curse) and maybe i could give ideas or if not needed then maybe see how far the game improves