I may have upset quite a few of ya' BYONDers in the past, and thus I am sincerly appologizing for my immatureness.

I was an idiot. Thus being said, I appologize to the following people, from the very depths of my heart:
-World Weaver
-The Corruption
-Darth Vader
-SSJMystic Rage
-Wing Zero666

Now, I know that isn't all of you, but whoever isn't on the list, we obvisouly didn't have a fight big enough for me to remember. But, I also appologize to you.

And, those of you ON the list, I do relize that some of you may not forgive me. It's okay if you have a grudge against me, just know I appologized, and that I'm extremly sorry.

Lastly, for those of you on the list, and relize that we're friends again, I know this. Some of the fights were only small, some big. But, even though we're friends now, I would still like to appologize to all of you. I was an asshole in the past, and I'm willing to make it up to you.

Any time you need a favor, not sex related(-_-+), I'll help you out.
Spelled my name wrong.
Fixed. =/
crap, does that mean no more invaild flame posts!? where has the world gone!? =(
btw dude 1 month without byond is pretty awesome, grats, almost broke the record
No sex? Well ain't that a big pile of bullshit.
Makes me wonder how I tend to upset people. I'd make a post like this but like, the list would be too large. x.x

Apologizing kicks ass though.
Why are you apologizing to me? =o..

excuse my like 4 month late post. =o
9-10 ish