For years, i had this Byond account that i played many games on called Kingzack12. I purchased a membership on it 6 months ago for a years time. I check now, and it says "Login Restricted" It then tell me to reset my password. I did this twice, still says it, i installed a new Byond version, still cant log into website or .exe no matter what i do. Yet, if i make a new account, i can log in to everything fine. I would like to see if i can get my account back? I never made any posts, not because i abandoned the account, but because i just don't make posts. Please help me, and thanks in advanced. (BTW, this is the new account - Mrpookie00) I am writing on this account, because i cant login to my old account. This is VERY frustrating.
I believe the best way to get in contact with the proper people who can help you would be through the Customer Contact form located here, as this is a private matter.
Thank you, but as i try to send them a message an error pops up stating, "An unknown error has occured." And i can't send a message... Any advice?
You were mistakenly pulled into a ban.. very sorry. I have corrected this. As for the error you just got, please post a bug report saying exactly what you did so we can correct that.
Will do! Thanks.