By monday I should have my new computer, to say it can handle windows is an understatment.
Have fun with that. I have still not owned a Mac. I would like to own one, but I already have about 5 Windows/Linux based PCs at my disposal at any given moment, so it is hard to justify buying another computer.
Bah. When are they going to come out with the Conroe-based, single-cpu (but dual core) cheap and upgradeable tower? 4 Xeon cores is overkill for the vast majority of people, but some of us still like to upgrade our machines internally. There's a big gaping hole in Apple's desktop line right now, and I want them to plug it!

On another note, congrats. Get Parallels and run BYOND. Be happy.
I will never stop using Windows, it is like oral herpes.
Awesome =).
Nice one Maz, good to see you're still alive :-).
Yeah, it was quite a decision between this and the 24" iMac, and to be honest I can't even remember what made me choose the mac pro.

There is some serious demand for the mid-range tower, It would be interesting to see if Apple do do something for that. 

Yeah, Parallels and Crossover will be on top priority once it's set up, 'cause BYOND 4.0 probably won't work in WINE for a while ;)