Anything you follow (or post) should be in your updates always. I believe that is working. The last five posts in the forum should also always appear in your updates, but it may be the case that at the time they were posted, you weren't available, and by the time you checked in, they were no longer top 5. That's kind of a tricky situation. We could of course alert on everything but I think that'd get pretty cluttery if you subscribed to a busy forum, and it could cause you to unfan it. So we'll have to think about how to better deal with this.
Meh, I'll try to pay closer attention to whats going on exactly. All I know is that I keep lacking alerts about posts on my hub.
A new topic has been posted (double posted actually) and it isn't showing up on my homepage.
EDIT: Another new topic has been posted, and isn't showing on my homepage either.
EDIT 2: They will show up while followed
EDIT 3: HU2's hub didn't even have 5 topics, and I still didn't get notified when 2 new ones were made.
My tests and examination of the code (I've been all over this trying to figure it out) suggest that things should presently be working correctly. The test site indicates everything's going fine at any rate, so I'm a little at a loss. At the moment I see five hub posts auto-followed by you: two on one entry and three on another. But the limit is not five total, but five per hub, and the test site confirms that's how it works.

My hunch is that some posts are being made which bump others out of the updates, and then they're being deleted. The double post might be a good clue--maybe the user actually posted seven times instead of two, and deleted his others. At the moment that's all I've got to go on, but it's the only theory that fits my testing. If you could continue to monitor, possibly even ping me if you see something new come up, that'd be good; I'm on AIM, which is often a good place to reach me when I'm on the clock.
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Bumping this up as per new info from Forum_account. Clearly this bug has not been fixed as previously reported.
There were two cases that did not alert that should have:

1) Posts in a hub's tracker forums did not alert the author or helpers. This was an oversight and has been corrected.
2) Posts by the author/helpers in a tracker forum did not alert the hub's fans. This too has been changed.

In addition, I changed our Announcements forum to alert the post author's fans; BYOND Help and Developer Help, and the trackers, still do not.

There was one other issue mentioned by Forum_account that was unrelated, which was that the "last post" info when looking at a hub entry's forums showed incorrect results in the feature subforum (possibly also bug reports). In his case, the list of subforums showed no posts in Features even though there were two posts there. This turned out to be a separate issue and has been corrected.
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