The Last Conflict

by Darker Emerald
The Last Conflict
Guns, explosives, classes and killing zombies!
okay... sorry for being a bit "noobish" (or something) but i can't host a private game. I download the hosting files, but it needs a program to run it... or something...

I would greatly appreciate it if someone gave me a link, or showed me how to host a private game.
You need BYOND to run it. Either through Dream Seeker or Dream Daemon, you don't need anything else. Make sure you are downloading the Host Files (currently located here: ) and not the Map Maker.

Also, please use the game's forums to post feature requests and to ask for help, you will receive much faster responses.
yes, sorry... i'll use the forum next time, but the thing doesn't work. I download the correct hosting files,and i gain them on winRAR. But when i open up Dream Daemon, and select my games, nothing shows up. As though i did not download it. Do i need to convert the files from winRAR to dream deamon? or should it already be there?
WAIT... FIGURED IT OUT. Thanks for the help Snipe, and i'll go ahead and sigh up to the dead world forum. thanks again.
i can help you out
i was open that link,and then there are something write "error",can someone figure it out?
i got nothing to say but i need help hosting help me =D