Love parallels, works like a charm see here. So it looks like I'll be around in wiz_chat. On that subject, can you add the ability to have BYOND make a noise/flash when someone says your name in there? Maybe bold it, too used to IRC where I get a lovely growl message n screen.
Excellent. That looks very familiar to me!
Hey Maz, long time no see.

I have a Mac too! Except it's an original iMac. 266MHz, 32 MB RAM. Still manages to run OSX, amazingly. (But only just! And not Tiger.) I salvaged it from work, they were about to throw it out. :-)

I think if I tried to run Parallels on it then it would just die. Scratch that, forgot Parallels was only for Intel Macs. So it wouldn't work at all. =P
Ragdoll Masters is teh r0x.
What icon does a mac executable have? The last time I used a mac was about 5 years ago at my friends house so I can't really remember. We spent all our time playing MOO2. Ahhh, those were the days.
I booted up Parallels the other day as well; Sadly I only have about 200mb RAM to allocate to it, but it still runs DM and associated programs pretty decently ;)

My little MacMini does pretty well, all things considered. I do dream of a tower though, until I remember how much money I already owe the bank >.<

Long time, any way to reach you outside of wiz_chat ? =)
My parents recently bought a Mac back home.

Finally! No more tech support calls to me at 11PM!