by AlexandraErin
Rogue like. MUD like. RealmLike. Bringing text-based graphics into the 21st century.
RealmLike is my latest iteration on a procedurally generated retro dungeon crawler, blending deep character progression and conventions from modern computer and tabletop gaming with classical sensibilities and minimalist graphics.

The current test version has the classic core four fantasy classes and races from That One Roleplaying Game (you know the one), though as I nail down their level trees I'll be adding more and more.

The game has developed very rapidly over the course of the last week or so, but I'm rapidly exceeding my abilities to test what I've made by myself, so I'm throwing a server up and opening it to the world.

Game Features:

* Quick and simple combat combining the intuitive "bump-to-attack" style of classic Rogue-likes with the easy automation of MUDs.
* Randomly generated dungeon environment, complete with chests (some trapped!), crypts, and secret passages.
* Soft-coded monsters and items for quick and easy customization/expansion.
* Fully customizable "hotbar" for up to 10 commonly used spells, items, or abilities.
* Robust, modern-style multiclassing and divergent skill trees for each class.
* Customize your character by choosing two of several colors.

Classes and Skills Sets/Sub-Classes

Since there are currently no in-game descriptions for these.

Fighter: Fighters are the most straightforward class. They're good at fighting, and can use any weapons or armor. They have two skill sets: Champion, which focuses on an unbeatable defense, and Warrior, which focuses on an unparalleled offense.

Rogue: Rogues are sneaky and opportunistic, using the 'V' key to vanish and then strike from shadows. They excel at taking out single targets, and each sub class has a unique ability to avoid being pinned down. The Acrobat skill set allows Rogues to vault over foes, delivering an optional tumbling attack while they do so. The Assassin skill set can execute a Batwing Escape maneuver to vanish. The Rake, who is better at toe-to-toe fighting than either of the other sub-classes, can force enemies to swap places with them by using Fancy Footwork.

Cleric: Clerics must declare allegiance to a higher or lower power before choosing their skill set, of which there are two: the combat-focused Templar (who gains additional abilities to use armor) and the magic-focused Invoker (who gains extra spells, including ones that can be used to lash foes from afar).

Wizard: The Wizard currently offers two skill sets: Shifter, focused on movement, and War Mage, focused on combat. The Wizard is more of a work in progress than the other classes, offering less variety and a less detailed class progression. In other words: hope you like spamming magic missiles.

If you want art, hit me up. Stipulation is that it will be 8x8 or 16x16 tile size.
Thank you, but I'm good.