by AlexandraErin
Rogue like. MUD like. RealmLike. Bringing text-based graphics into the 21st century.
I got a lot of feedback from players, directly and indirectly. A lot of it had to do with making the controls and interactions more intuitive:

  • Pressing "T" to talk to NPCs has been removed. T-for-talk now accesses the say command. NPCs are interacted with by bumping into them.
  • Likewise, you can interact with dungeon features by bumping them instead of remembering the less than intuitive X for eXamine.
  • Stairs are now labeled better. Using V for a down arrow was a terrible decision in retrospect, since it seems like instructions.

I've also started making the dungeon easier to navigate by making it less nondescript. There are now three clear regions on each floor, each with increasingly dark tiles. The lightest one is the neighborhood surrounding the up staircase. The darkest one surrounds the bottom staircase. The middle one is the rest of the dungeon, and it's most of the dungeon (the game is still a maze, you're still searching for stairs), but you at least know if you're walking past the right area now. Darker dungeon sections also spawn more monsters, and lighter ones fewer.

Monsters now have a brief "initiative delay" between when they get in range of you and when they can start attacking, instead of immediately hitting you with no wind up.

In addition, a couple of bugs were fixed: one that could make certain monsters immortal due to a rounding error on Rogue bonus damage, and one that made secret passageways stay visible after anyone had detected them once.

The server is still up and will likely be so all week, minus the times I pull it down to implement a fix.
Squee! I'm happy to see you back making games.
Well, I never really stopped, I just keep running into issues that make the games spiral out of control before they're to the point where people can play them.

This project is being more tightly managed than most, and it's designed around a conceit that doesn't require me to produce or acquire graphical assets to keep up with my imagination.