by AlexandraErin
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New in version

  • Cleric level cap raised to 5. Clerics now have their own ability progression, involving allegiance to gods or devils and the choice of two domains of power (of the four available so far), all of which influences what spells and abilities the Cleric will get as they level. This is separate from the choice of skill set, Templar (melee combat) or Invoker (spellcaster). Clerics of the right domain/allegiancecan now raise the dead (Infernal Templars of a high enough level can raise themselves from the dead, if there are enemies around to draw from!), blanket the dungeon floor in food, return home instantly from any depth, and more. A lot of Cleric features really require multiplayer to get the full effect, but Templars and Infernal Clerics are slightly more solo-ready than the other alternatives.
  • Dungeon floors now have different colored walls. The first floor always generates with the default gray color.
  • Introducing everybody's favorite wizard school headmaster, Dungeon Door! Doorways no longer block line of sight unless they are occupied by a closed door. You can open doors by moving into them, or open/close them with [U] for Use. Some doors automatically close behind you, others remain open for a short time. Some NPCs can open and close doors. Doors are never locked or trapped yet; once traps are in the mix, bump-to-open will be a player preference.
  • The Use command now automatically sorts your inventory to exclude items that are not used with U.
  • New Feat: Dog Person. Dogs do not register as foes to you or vice-versa.
  • NPCs who turn hostile gain a red aura. Ones who become friendly gain a green aura.
  • Dungeon traps! Some parts of the dungeon are now trapped. Traps cover a 3x3 square, and are hidden in a manner similar to secret doors. You cannot currently interact with them (i.e., to disarm them), but anything that factors into trap disarming also helps you avoid them, and once sprung they are safe for a while.

Fixed in version

  • Dungeon features no longer generate on top of each other.
  • Fancy Footwork no longer sends enemies flying across the room.
  • Clerics cannot choose the same domain twice.
  • Runes with missing verbs in their trigger text are now fixed.

Still extant bugs:

  • Potions still only restore 1 HP. I thought I had this one fixed, don't know what's going on with it. Will be delving into it deeper
  • Spider webs still render weird in webclient. I know how to fix this one but I have a very kludgy fix in place for other maptext webclient issues and I do not wish to mess with my maptext handling overmuch until the underlying BYOND bugs are resolved.
  • Missiles no longer remain in place on the webclient screen indefinitely, but the BYOND bug that caused that was only partially fixed. The path of a missile still does not render on the webclient.

  • Doors no longer immediately re-close if you open them right as they're automatically closing.
  • Healing potions now restore the correct amount of HP (i.e., not 1 every time.)

  • Fixed a bug where traps could spawn in town. Oops! Fixed.


* New town shop: Magic Item Shop. Escape ropes and portable holes have been moved to it, along with a new suite of tools for finding your way around the dungeon.


* Food is now slightly more expensive.


* Fixed a bug with placement of Cleric's Ladder Up and Ladder down spell effects.
* Fixed a bug that prevented use of some consumable items.
* Cleaned up the rounding/presentation of money in dialogue boxes.