by AlexandraErin
Rogue like. MUD like. RealmLike. Bringing text-based graphics into the 21st century.
I'm refraining from pushing updates to the test server until a BYOND version with the bug fixes I'm waiting on is live (and then however long it takes me to spruce up the interface appropriately), but that doesn't mean I'm not still working on the game.

Next update already includes:
  • Different environments, both within the dungeon and in the form of an overworld map.
  • Darkness in certain parts of the dungeon, and light items and spells.
  • More discerning monster spawning; bats are more likely to spawn in a cave zone, and undead are more likely to spawn in crypts/catacombs. On the surface, different creatures will spawn more often in grass vs. forests (and eventually, water creatures will exist).
  • Semi-persistent environments; outside of when changes are made to the generator, the same overworld and same dungeon(s) will spawn with each server reset.
  • A bunch of shiny new items for navigating dungeons.
  • Better inventory management (optional alphabetizing, auto stacking of similar items, filtering unusable items from the "use" menu, buying and selling multiples of an item at once.)

Stuff I'm working on that might be ready:
  • More monsters, with more varied tactics including ranged attacks, special attacks that inflict status riders, etc.
  • More dungeon features/furnishings.
  • More spells.
  • Revamped wizard progression.