by AlexandraErin
Rogue like. MUD like. RealmLike. Bringing text-based graphics into the 21st century.
It is probably full of bugs that I was not able to catch when it was just me playing. I also lost my changelog, so I'm not sure what all is new in this one.

Stuff I think is new includes:

  • Divination tools for navigating the dungeon.
  • Different "dungeon biomes" with slightly different layouts and encounter tables.
  • Dark areas (caves), and light items/spells. Light items (torches, candles, etc.) currently do not burn out, do not take up a hand to equip.
  • An overworld map with randomly generated towns and additioanl dungeons.
  • Map saving and persistent saved location.
  • New spell progression for wizards.
  • Enemies with ranged attacks and different damage types.

Server is back online. Please report any bugs you come across.
Bug fixes this morning: Fixed a bug that was allowing level 0 characters to leave town and then causing errors when they did, fixed a bug that was causing errors when players logged off and the game was still in progress.
New: Fixed a bug that would intermittently prevent movement between maps, some monsters will now use stealth when they first spawn.
Nice updates! Keep up the good work.
Looks great! I like your style, old but gold. :D