I'm not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere yet, but my understanding is that map-only interfaces are all that will be available for the new Flash Client. While I agree with this overall, I am a bit concerned in regards to basic chat between players - are we going to have to create HUD-based input/output, or are there plans to integrate at least these two interface options (like the original Dream Seeker does)?
The various input() boxes (text, message, file, etc) all work, and we'll likely have a command-line input (which isn't a necessity since you can do something like macroing S->say and popping up an input for chat).
I support migration towards eliminating the use of windows based controls anyways. They don't, and never will, look or feel game-like. No matter how many times you change the font or colors of it. Artist crafted HUD / GUI for the win!
I support the move toward graphics based everything myself. I like a few things that the Windows API allows, but it's really not all that pretty. I would rather, especially with the Flash client coming, that something be done speed up DM as a whole. Granted, icon operations have been tremendously sped up, but something as simple as a HUDs fading out is well outside of DM's capabilities.