by Yut Put
Explore epic dungeons and slay epic foes with your friends in a huge, epic fantasy action RPG world.
This post will be updated daily until 0.3 is released.

-Version 0.22: Lag fixes were made, dungeon eight was mapped, some bugs were fixed, leveling up based on quests/dungeons completed, item balances and difficulty nerfs, auto-regen and healing after killing enemies, and other stuff I should have recorded lol

-version 0.23: HUGE update. Town 2 was mapped, guilds were added, PvP arena was added, EPIC LAG FIX LIKE NO OTHER, all items rebalanced -again-, lots of bug fixes, title screen changed, new gear and items and abilities, AI now use shields, uhhh yet again other stuff i should have recorded

-added crafting for 0.23. combine items at an anvil to make rare new ones.

-elven bow + shadow bow = Paradox Bow

-archer gear + snow wolf pelt = Demon Archer Gear

-elven tank armor + tank armor = Shockwave Armor

-shadow hammer + dwarven sword = Malice Striker

-elven shield + shadow shield = Pacifix

-hard robes + dark mage cloth = Shadowmancer Robes

-mega ice staff + elven blade = Elven Scepter


-added enchantments. items gain enchantments by dragging a Soul Crystal onto them. each soul crystal has a unique ability.

items can only be enchanted at enchantment tables and can only haev one enchantment.

enchantment increases price by % depending on enchantment level


- Swift: increase swingspeed by -10%

- Brutal: increase power by 10%

- Vampiric: increase mana drain by 10%

- Large: increase wrange by 10%


- Strong: increase defense by 10%

- Light: increase move speed by 10%

- Magical: increase mage by 10%


- Solid: increase stun by 10%

- Sturdy: increase defense by 10%

added dungeon 9, did some debugging, added 2 new craftables, added other shtuff and lots of bug fixes lol


added trap spells and NPC summoning spells, added tons of new items and turfs, added d10, did lots of level changes and bug fixes, revisited some art, haven't had much time to work on stuff because of school


added dungeon 11, added 2 new craftables and some items and enemies and turfs(lol, all stuff that automatically comes with adding a dungeon)

did a ton of bug fixes and fixed many, many silly runtime errors mostly caused by updates in 0.3, and edited things based on a lot of playtesting. (today we tested a party with 3 people for the first time lol)

updated title screen since i have photoshop now and its not a pain in the ass to work with a big canvas haha

added progression for trap-type spells and summon-type spells. What? Yes! you can now place traps and summon allies with new spells.

added "find [this item]" quests. The quest system is actually really modular, but blazekid designs the dungeons and he doesn't know how to program so he can't pop in complete_quest(quest name) procs wherever they fit in, so i have to use modular replacements like "kill [x]" lol

refined hud and the view item thingy, added party/guild/world chat channels, added interface icon

"We do not suck. We do not fail. Expect our games."
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weird :O and also God dammit you seem to have done so much work for your game :O! mines falling behind everything lol.
I have another person working with me. His key is Blazekid, and he has no experience in game design and very little programming or art experience- nothing. He's been my tester for the last 4 years though.

When I first started out with Epic, it was EXTREMELY slow and barely playable. He was the only one of my testers with the patience to play it. I had little motivation to keep working, but the real drive behind why I make games is so that I can play them with my old testers.

He has no experience whatsoever, but the engine I had made for the game was EXTREMELY modular and idiot proof. I had designed Epic with the intent of being able to expand on its content making as little effort as possible. I then put 2 and 2 together and invited him to join me, and set up a special IDIOT PROOF folder in my dropbox with instructions on how to add stuff. Since then he's made TONS of items and 4 dungeons :p

He frees up my time so that I can focus on working on the game's systems and fix any speed issues. In the last week, the game went from "barely playable" to "runs like a dream". On top of that, I've made so many new systems and stuff that I wanted to add without any motivation loss because it's fun work and he does the stuff I don't like doing for me.

On top of that, I always have somebody to play it with. Epic is fun with just 2 people because it's designed like a 4-player coop game. So no matter what, I always get to look forward to playing it with my tester :)

Long story short, it's a hell of a lot easier to expand your game if you have somebody else do the "expand" part for you while you work on adding new stuff to "expand". And its a lot more fun to be able to work on a game with someone who enjoys it as much as you do. I don't recommend working in teams, but this is the first team I've worked in that actually gets things done and I think that's why
Well it seems you found yourself a good friend, tester and helper :)

Keep up the good work, your doing a brilliant job and well seems like i'll be doing most of this game solo still, though eventually i see myself finding a permanent programmer to help me, Even though i have people like Falacy, Chris gayle, Yusuke, Avainer and more who i can beg for help when i get stuck, it doesn't feel so good begging for help all the time lol.

Little foggy over how long you have been working on Epic :O, my games at a playable state because it's so simple lol :P just hope people are not put off by my pixel art before they play it properly, i really want to make the fact that it's meant to be Fun become obvious :(
as for development, I write out(er brainstorm lol) a list of things I want to do on the next day before I go to bed and then I just do them the next day. Once I'm done, we play it and test things. Same goes for matt(blazekid). We release a new version for public consumption with every tenth update(about 3 dungeons/1 town) so that people can track the game as it's made. And that's it, lol. No design docs, nothing. we play-test to see what's fun and we take in user feedback like its ramen. We don't have a deadline, or a final completion goal, because no matter when we stop we will have a game that can be deemed as playable from start to finish. Our only goal is to make people happy by attracting a wide audience and the only way we can do that is by making one awesome game :)
Epic began development.... err

Well the idea's been in the works since september. I wanted to make a game. but it took me 3 months to actually come up with something i enjoyed, lol. The game was inspired by falacy's "Legend of princess" and started the date i downloaded that game.. i'll read off that date... December 20th

So the game's been in development for about a month, which sounds about right to me. We have only been consistently updating it however for the last 2 weeks
I literally changed the game's entire core game-play at least 5 or 6 time before I had something I liked. At first it was a modified clone of forum_account's shooter demo, but i didn't like the point-towards-mouse thing. I think I REALLY began development a couple days after christmas because I was playing SWTOR and Skyrim at the same time
Another thing about v.24 is a few new background objects.
its hard to hold myself back from posting 2.7 on the hub, lol. the game runs 100% fast in this version and the version on the hub lags a lot xP and we become extremely excited with every single new person who plays