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Had a quick question about icon_size. Is it possible to make the mobs 32x64 and keep the world.icon_size at default of 32? I want to place tiles at a 32x32 size.

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Yes. You can set up bounding boxes via bound_width, bound_height, bound_x, and bound_y to make the mobs completely dense.
I dont know if that helps me here. I ma trying to place 32x32 tiles on a map but since world.icon_size =32x64 it is not possible. I want to keep mob size as 32x64 but keep world size as 32x32.
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world/icon_size = 32 // Or don't set it at all since it defaults to 32.

// Tell the mob to have the width of 32 pixels, and the height of 64 pixels, meaning it will take up two spaces vertically.
bound_width = 32
bound_height = 64
Oooh I see, thank you for the help. I was confused as to what you meant. Been awhile since i have been scripting on here so all these vars are new to me.
No problem. If you need to find out what a variable or procedure does, hit F1 in Dream Maker and have a look at the reference.