DM Standard Library

by Ter13
Essential helper functions, variables, and definitions for almost any project
I have elected to release the new StdLib, which is much smaller and simpler. It is broken up into several different cores and contains a much smaller feature set and scope.

The new version of StdLib is smaller, faster, and cleaner.

You can view the status of StdLib's progress here:

No further patches or updates to DM.StdLib will be forthcoming.
About time.
Just to be clear: is Stdlib an overhaul I can plug in and replace dm.stdlib with? Like will whatever my project relies on with dm.stdlib still function if I were to replace dm.stdlib all together with std.lib?
Not quite yet.

It's not a complete replacement yet. Notably, I have not formally replaced the string functions, mouse, and keyboard stuff in the old StdLib yet with the new one.

There are about six more sections of this library that are currently pending documentation for release.