Its horrible! He broke his PSP!! Its quite the amazing story actually.

It all started last Sunday when ZeroCrash walked into a bank to cash his humble 200$ paycheck. A group of ninja robbers busted in and started hurting people and stealing from the women and children. So our brave ZeroCrash whipped out his nunchucks and beat them back in a heroic action of..... Heroism! But during this exciting battle, one of the ninjas landed a hit on ZeroCrash' left pants pocket... As the Ninjas escaped into the city, our hero checked the contents.... To find his SHATTERED PSP!!

This is unthinkable! I suggest starting a "ZeroCrash Needs A PSP" fund! After all, he saved children from Ninja thieves, he's a hero.
How are we supposed to trust that ZeroCrash won't get into a fight with anymore ninjas and get another PSP shattered?
He'll take real good care of his new one =P
*gasp* How heroic! Heres 1,000,000 (imaginary) dollars! TAKE IT!
:( I'm afraid only real US currency will work, Spade, thanks for the thought though.
So much for my 100 yen.
please unmute me and that was my little brother who spamed hi
im imback
Dixon wrote:
He'll take real good care of his new one =P

hi i love cats to
heres $20 and heres a mansion now go to real astate and sell it!

that should pay it off.
Don't bring up dead topics.
bringing up this dead topic
Ryokashi wrote:
So much for my 100 yen.

Isn't 100 yen, like, 1 cent in american currency?

Tell ZeroCrash to fondle my balls.
I'll fund his 'need a PSP' foundation if he promises I get to play it whenever I feel like it.
And it has to be mailed to ME first.
I'll send it to you when I'm bored with it.
You'd like that wouldn't you, Keeth. Me fondling your balls and all. You dirty boy. I'll do it for free. </end joke>
Zomg deadness