Well, I now have B-Net up and running, it is a quite functionable single room chat system.
I am currently hosting it, and as soon as I get some worthy troll controls, I will put it up on my byond files. That way anyone can host thier own.

I have decided to go with client side saves. This allows you to go from server to server, and keep you settings. Fortunatly you do not need a central server for this system.

Each server will be 1 room. This is so I can say that everyone has control over thier server, and I have very little right regulating thier server.

I think I will make an official entry and an entry for non official servers.

For font color changing use /menu or /set, both do the same thing.

I will hope to keep my server up as much as possible. I am still working on client side saves, so look for that soon.

Finally, a new place to chill!