Ikou Era Classic

by AllSmiles
Ikou Era Classic
Live and feel feudal Japan.
I do have access to the Host files, but with this people usually log in and say "Hey I haven't played this game in forever" Then proceed to sit AFK and log out. If there are replies to this post expressing interest in the game, I may find a way to keep hosting it but as of now there seems to be no interest in playing except for the people who go online begging for the source or host files..
I don't think that much player will want to play the game when there is no chance for updates or anything. I think if you want to host the game you should consider that too.
Well, firstly, sorry for the late reply. I used to be a regular on Ikou era and now I'm visiting this site only rarely to check on it. I would be glad if it was back online(from time to time at least) and I could maybe try updating/improving stuff if it proved to be necessary. I'm currently studying cs, so I have the knowledge. Also, I made some friends in ikou era a long time ago, I could probably contact them if ikou era was back on and they'd play too, I guess.
How did you get the files tho? I don't remember you being a mod :D just curious