Completed services for all active clients. My slates clean very quickly and Im looking to refill them. Have an artist slacking off? Or miscommunicating? MIA? I'll take care of your problems TODAY. [24/7 communication via Skype Smart phone.]

Bleach Online 2008

// My full animation got deleted/ Misplaced.

Eternia Online
I made the "Grass" and "Dirt" for Eternia Online. Demonstrating style matching

Bleach Online 2009? (Building mock ups) //RyuMaru made the building on the top-right

Bleach Online 2011 //The final version of the base. Worked with Tor Crowley
(redoing this base many times over 4 years)

Bleach Online 2011
//Final update of my tree.

Katon Animation 2017

Dreamweaver / Boot Strap / Wordpress (
Photoshop (10 years ago created a "How to pixel on Photoshop tutorial on Pixel joint")

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Skype - // Hulio-G