Hello Readers! I stumbled across an ancient issue of Popular Science from April of 1984 this past weekend while cleaning out an old junk pile. Notable mentions in the 191 page magazine include ''the house that computers built'' (before the Internet, IOT), the overdue (still waiting) polar shift, Nissan's electric car (prior to 1985 requirement for a third central tail light), and the hidden dangers of wireless phones (landline, five channels). Strange how the more things change, the more they stay the same... Now onto the game updates!


BYOND developer Lummox JR is pushing for a stable release on BYOND 511, slipping in fixes for gamepad recognition, JSON encoding, DirectX, and the last appearance_flag for 511, PIXEL_SCALE. Site updates are still pending, but he mentions the possibility of enhancing the file uploading interface for the BYOND member file storage feature. In the pager, non-standard characters may soon be a possibility.


Eternia: Battlegrounds is filling up with PVP features rather quickly. Quests received a daily refresh feature, allowing some quests to be completed on a daily basis. These quests award daily tokens that can be used for a lucky dip that features equipment of various grades. Store those pieces of equipment in the newly opened banks, or use them in the planned Bounty or Arena PVP events. New monsters have been added to help balance out the progression grind, and tab targeting has arrived.

Ease-of-usage was the driving force behind Nother's recent update. Taking down monsters is not only easier than it was prior, but surviving a monster attack is significantly more likely as well. Movement has been buffed up, and the dark atmosphere has been lifted. When getting started, players are now guided though a tutorial, and given a game completion goal.

The Feed Team is making their way to a new stable release of the shooter, Feed, and while the official development log is pending, Kumorii shared a quick overview of their progress, mentioning portal changes and vender completions. PIXEL_SCALE, the newest appearance flag to 511, is in use, and crates now contain items. Imagine that!

Dungeon Masters made the update to version 401, right on schedule. Features mentioned by Godsring include new combat sounds, weather system, interfaces for farming, and ambient temperature control. Skill automation has been improved and advancement progression has been tweaked.

Konlet released the third edition of RP Infinite recently. This edition of the text based roleplaying game includes separate interfaces for settings, admin, and server controls. Forums have been enhanced with javascript, chat logs are time stamped, private rooms can be created, and command help is available!

Eternia is love, Eternia is life.
gas the byond race war now
I got it.
they should realy make something better on the byond engine in my opinion
They who are not making anything themselves should make something better of their time in my opinion.

@Higoten: How are tracking Nother's updates? I'm asking because there aren't any "BYOND updates" posted to a hub for that game -- last I checked, that's where you got your information.
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The Steam page, I would assume. He does cite his sources, after all. :p
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I keep a list of off-site links that I become aware of, and check those periodically (and less often as the page appears to become inactive).

As a general rule of thumb, I pull updates from the Game Updates forum, as that is the easiest place to find relevant conglomerated content, but I also check the community forums, recent game comments, and new game listings (both from the pager and site directories). When an external update page is mentioned by the developer (either by a post or direct contact), I try to keep an eye on that page for at least a few weeks.
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Gotcha, thanks.
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/u/Higoten /r/feedthegame lurker confirmed