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The little icons in a post's title-bar are just silly. Without mousing over them, its difficult to tell what they would even do.

Buttons with the new 'New post' look could probably fit nicely there, and provide a more consistent and intuitive layout.
So text buttons instead of graphics?
I agree with this. Nice text buttons would look better.
I actually like them, I'd rather keeping them, or having a small "switch button" to toggle images / text.
I'm with Eternal_Memories on this one. A toggle would be nice because I'm actually quite partial to the icons because they don't take up unnecessary amounts of space and I can actually tell what they're meant to mean.
Leave them as-is, or make it a user preference. Honestly, you only need to hover over the icon once, and then you know what it is forever. Maybe change the blue trash can to a better symbol for delete (red x, maybe?) but the pencil/paper is obvious for edit, definitely. The balloon with quotes is obvious, too.
So far, the only halfway decent argument that I have heard for keeping the crappy little icons is that they save space. Which isn't even that great of an argument considering the giant orange bar there isn't doing much else - might as well fill it with an intuitive UI.