Hello Readers! Super Saiyan X has started a campaign to promote developers to actively share their progress on the Developer's Share thread, and is offering a chance at a BYOND membership for doing so. If you've been looking for the right time to show off your project, or get started making original games, now might make it a bit more worth your while. So what are you waiting for? Oh right, game updates!


A cold front has moved over the BYOND Suite Development department these past two weeks, in part due to a series of bugs, some that will require test cases to dislodge. In the mean time, the development radar indicates that focus conditions are moving from suite to site, and may bring features such as an updated file manager, and reasonable search times!


Kozuma3 released the lucky thirteenth update to Paradoxus, only to be haunted by a now resolved BYOND issue regarding gun scopes. The downloadable files now pack more bang for the buck, reducing the size of the files by 67%, while adding new two new maps, 25 new guns, weapons, and other items, new sounds and graphics, and the fast paced shooter is getting faster, both in terms of performance and framerate.

Nadrew continues to punch the logs on Eternia: Battlegrounds' development. The open-world PVP game now has a Bounty event, where one player will be chosen under certain conditions to be the target of a free-for-all manslaughter with PVP protection off. The first dungeon sneaked in the update as well. For the more crafty kind, a material making system is underway, both for the collection of raw goods, and the means by which those goods can be made into useful items that can be used outright, or sold on the proposed supply and demand style marketplace.

The cumulative update log for Azusa: The Olympians War Beta 0.2 has been released, with a list of new and improved content fit for the gods! New animal themed armors have been created, each with their own special effects, new base classes and races have been introduced to help promote player interaction and development. Also, a new points and rewards system has been implemented, benefiting players who actually roleplay and avoid grinding their time away.

Meme01 has broken ground on Shinobi: Tales of the Forgotten. First he laid out the game plan, a roleplaying game with interactive environment, improvable skills, and commanding armies. The developer shared images of the player's base icon and general environment, and the goals and purpose of being able to fish and cook. Twenty fish can be hooked in various regions of the map.

The townsfolk are feeling a bit more chatty after My Adventure Online's latest update. Zasif fills in the details on the excavation of the dungeon, changing the number of current floors from 10 to 5, and migrating the monsters to their new habitat. Shortcuts have also been added throughout the dungeon. The town map can be brought up and examined, and several other tweaks have been made. Curious about what's on the bottom floor? The townsfolk have some theories.

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I was so psyched to see my game being listed up there. Thanks for the shout up, bro.
Here's a quick heads-up of what the new member file manager is like:

- JavaScript is outright required now, because screw it. The rest of the site requires it anyway.

- The old system of having N columns of checkboxes and having to remember which was delete, hide, rename, etc. is gone. There is only one column of checkboxes, so you can apply a bulk action.

- Renaming is done in place via JavaScript. It's a very quick process.

- Other actions can be done with quick links as well. Like the rename link, they show up when you hover over the file.

- Uploading is as simple as drag-and-drop. Clicking also works for the rare cases where a browser might not support it.

- Existing files can be moved into sub-directories or a parent directory by dragging. Multiple selection is allowed.
I'm only going to ask this one question. What happen to the byond groups that helped players find the games and other players to play with like the old pager did? The new one doesn't tell me much except it filters everything in tags and it doesn't serve as a useful hub except being a basic pager. It's something to thing about. Select 'board-games' and you get a picture gallery much like with feature of the month. At least these active devs would get their games highlighted and players are able to find other gamers to play with. Different from the old and new is that the old was front, centered, and had a page on the web to go to based on category and highlighted games, rather than games grouped to the side and congested with numerous tags. In those cases it's pretty daunting and if I want to find someone to play with I would say screw all the other options, just select 'active'. We get around it now because we know what's out and where to go, but what about newer players?
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Sounds like a reasonable and logical suggestion.