So ive noticed hosting games uses your cpu usage also rather than just the network. Ive done some research on byond forums but i still have found an answer yet, but as for computers, what ssd, graphic cards and gigs of ram will be recommended for hosting a good server? If a certain motherboard is recommended please let me know also. My game isnt anime related and maps wont have too many objs to load. Is a decent size. Id like to host a server to handle 50 or more players.
yes computer specs do come into play however the connection overall does take a stronger role when it comes to host. as far as graphics cards and ssd goes.. at you really need is a good amount of memory in your drive, the graphics on your pc wont have any effect on your game. However the most important detail is your ram because it works hand in hand with your connection. depending how large your file is considering dream maker will be load while also hosting the game i would say minimum 4 gigs
Big thanks, got the answers i need! Now i know what to focus on more with hosting requirements.