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So I'm currently abusing the everloving crap out of browser windows to show tooltips for in-game objects. I have it pretty much down but one slight annoyance is user focus automatically switching to newly opened windows (created during runtime mind you).

Something that would be hella sweet is an interface option to prevent this. Maybe "show-focus=false" or whatever the sweet christ.

Also I'm told by a coder friend that the following code snippets might help? I don't actually know anything about windows...interface...code...stuff, so who knows.

ShowWindow(hwnd, SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE);

Anyway let me know how feasible this is I guess.

You can actually create a client side .winset call to change the focus using the hidden on-show event for your popup window.
I agree that that's a workaround (and pretty close to what I'm doing currently). However I'd still like to see an implementation of my original suggestion if possible. It's just cleaner ok.
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/tg/ would also like to see this in 512.
A reply here sure would be nice.
Added to the list.
Here have a bump, considering it's been 5 months (lol) and this still isn't in.
Hi this still exists
Today is the one year anniversary of this feature request!

I'm pouring one out in respect.
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