by Kumorii
Hello, Feeders!

Feed has been in development for almost 14 months and has made considerable progress in that timeframe with many major milestones met and a diverse array of features which all play together in Feed's unorthodox design. For those who haven't had the opportunity or time to participate in one of our beta tests or only participated briefly in an older build, Feed can seem pretty obtuse and confusing. This is especially the case considering that a proper in-depth explanation on Feed's gameplay has never been shared. Even seasoned, regular testers are likely unaware of some of the nuanced mechanics that exist in the game! I'd like to take some time to explain Feed and it's mechanics so that when the time comes, you can shoot circles around the numerous abominations you'll find yourself against in the deeper parts of the rabbit hole that is Feed.

First off, let's get a basic idea of what exactly Feed is.

What is Feed?

Feed is a round based survival shooter that can appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. Early rounds involve simple, slow moving enemies that don't pose a huge threat to players. As players advance, enemies become gradually faster and more aggressive in their pursuit. Every five waves, a new enemy type is introduced randomly from a pool of possible enemies and will randomly spawn with other enemy types for the remainder of the game. Different enemy types will often have drastically different behaviors, but some are just stronger, or faster variants of the basic Feeder enemy type.

Later waves(waves10+) are where Feed truly starts to show it's colors and starts to play more like a twitch shooter, with many enemies moving just as fast, or sometimes faster than you. Feed gets chaotic and fast-paced which will appeal to the inner action junkie in anyone. On every tenth wave, players will be confronted by a boss fight against one of several engaging boss enemies.

Feed starts slow but quickly settles into a chaotic, fast paced frenzy of gunfire and explosions with late game difficulty being gradually increased with the addition of more enemy types until all possible enemy types are in the spawn mix.

Then there's our gimmick!

To keep things interesting and to keep players on their toes, every round in Feed has a variety of settings that are randomly toggled that can be stacked, and effect gameplay in huge ways.

First of all, wave variants in Feed can be broken into two classes; Wave Types which completely change the rules and objectives of a round, and Wave Modifiers which can be stacked with one another and effects smaller details on how that round will progress. Some examples of current in-game wave types and modifiers are listed below:
Wave Types
  • Boss Wave -
    requires players to defeat a specific boss enemy to progress.
  • Deathmatch Wave -
    all players(support AI included) are set to PvP and must fight eachother until only one is left. (will go to sudden death after a minute)
  • Protect The Cargo -
    a cargo crate or NPC will spawn somewhere on the map and you will have to defend it from enemies for the rounds duration. failure to protect the cargo will be gameover.

Wave Modifiers
  • Doppel Spawn - if toggled, a Doppelganger will spawn into the wave.
  • Blackout - causes the ambient lighting levels for the round to be at max darkness.
  • Phantom Enemies - causes all enemies that spawn to be of their phantom variant.
  • Censorship - all humanoid players and enemies are stripped naked and given black "censor" bars over their no-nos.
  • Crawlers Only - makes it so only Crawlers spawn for that rounds duration.
  • Beholders Only -makes it so only Beholders spawn for that rounds duration.
  • Abstracts Only -makes it so only Abstracts spawn for that rounds duration.
  • Blazes Only -makes it so only Blazes spawn for that rounds duration.
  • Aliens Only -makes it so only Aliens spawn for that rounds duration.
  • Explosive Enemies - makes it so all enemies explode upon death.
  • Laser Madness -All projectiles are lasers for the rounds duration.
  • Nyan Madness -All projectiles are nyan cats for the rounds duration.
  • Fire Madness -All projectiles are fire bullets for the rounds duration.
    What kind of weapons can i use?

    Feed has an expansive and continuously growing arsenal of weapons to find, unlock, and use to decimate the extra-dimensional abominations that stand in your way! Ammo is an unlimited resource in Feed, but ammo capacity, reload time, fire rate, accuracy, and range are all factors that will play into what you decide your favorite weapon is. Do you want to get multi-kills with heavy piercing shotguns and assault rifles like the Red Baron? Or do you want precise, controlled streams of fire offered by the Uzi? Maybe you want to save some in-game cash for one of the exotic weapons like the Lysergia which shoots sticky, glowing balls of acid that explode? The weapon variety is expansive and with many plans for further expansion.

    Every player has a primary weapon( a gun of some sort ), and a special weapon which is like a grenade, molotov, glowstick, etc.

    • Pistol
    • 3dg3 10rd
    • Kobra
    • Pink Dream
    • Flamethrower
    • Red Baron
    • Uzi
    • Shotgun
    • SPAS-12
    • Hell's Redeemer
    • Krossbow
    • Stalker
    • Lysergia
    • El Verde

    • Airstrikes
    • Boomerang
    • Kaboomerang
    • Fireball
    • Cowbell
    • Glowsticks
    • Grenade
    • Molotov
    • Landmine
    • Sticky Grenade
    • Green Smoke

    • Healthpack
    • Revive Pack
    • Pink Shield (resists 1 hit)
    • Blue Shield (resists 2 hits)
    • Orange Shield (resists 3 hits)
      (shields can be upgraded by picking up multiple shields)

    Powerups can be found from random drops on slain enemies or broken crates.
    healthpacks and revives are almost essential to survival as the game progresses however, experienced players could probably make due without shields although shields will make late game waves much easier.

    *Players can only store up to two revives at a time.*

    Hazardous Hazards

    Their are numerous hazards in Feed that exist either on the map by default or can be placed by players or enemies. Some examples of hazards include puddles of puke that will slow your movement speed, spikes that will shoot out of the ground and give bleeding damage to whoever they hit, and of course Feed's iconic explosive red barrels!

    Fire is a common hazard type that contact with will almost always induce a burning debuff. Little known to most players, fire hazards come in three varieties: Normal, Red, and Blue. Normal Fire is the most common and simply induces a burning debuff. Red Fire will cause a burning debuff that does not go away until the player is dead. The only remedy for red fire debuff is Blue Fire which will put out any burning debuffs a player has and also will make them immune to fire damage for 30 seconds. Be mindful these buffs/debuffs apply to enemy mobs as well!

    Express Yourself

    Feed allows players to have extensive customization options for their in-game characters with many different combinations and styles possible. Players can mix and match various different options for facial expressions, hairstyles, vanity effects, shirts, and pants. Players use cash they accumulate in-game to purchase new apparel from NPC Vendors which spawn during the intermission of every fifth wave!

    We'll expand on our Feed Lessons in another post, but let's get to this post's change log! It's been a long time since we summarized our progress so let's get to it!

    • Ported the fan favorite map, Theatre, from classic Feed.
    • added a new special; Green smokebomb.
    • added a new gun; El Verde
    • added an alien only wave variant.
    • added alien enemies.
    • fixed a bug with puppet masters.
    • Finished the arms for alien skin.
    • Made a new directory for boss enemies in enemies/bosses.
    • Fixed the Doppelganger's teleport spawning so that he doesn't spawn far away from players anymore.
    • Added a new enemy type: Pupper Master.
    • added a stun mechanic.
    • added new target arrows for tracking other players and support ai on the screen
    • support ai are now back in the fray and use a new awareness mechanic.
    • more stuff use pixel_scale (weather and target arrows notably)
    • chargers now get their variables reset at death.
    • can now break crates by dashing into them.
    • vendors are DONE!
    • added a new gore variant for feeders
    • enemies now have a slightly faster minimum movement speed.
    • plugged in the fixes for ui_highlighting
    • dying during intermission could sometimes cause negative revive totals. (fixed)
    • boom markers stick around longer now.
    • vanity and special vendors are added.
    • closing vendors with the ui highlighting now sets the macros and move vars back to normal.
    • face vendors now work.
    • enemies now respawn when more than 15 tiles away from the closest player
    • created an alient skin for players; still need to do arms and implement.
    • hair vendor now has names and descriptions for all 26 options.
    • Vendors and character creation now support controller input.
    • Vendors now have their own spawn point lists.
    • Hair options in the vendors now have prices.
    • added a hair vendor, Winston
    • Made a few new hair overlays.
    • Made a bunch of new face overlays.
    • Added Red Baron and Uzis to the weapon vendor.
    • Player arms no longer show diagonal states when moving; only when shooting diagonally.
    • Added Stalker and Lysergia to the weapon vendors.
    • moved players/_Guns.dmi to game/vendors/guns.dmi
    • added new weapons to the weapon vendor.
    • deleted player/_Arms.dmi as player/arms.dmi replaced it.
    • disabled support npcs.
    • Added a new var for players, hair_lock. If true, the player will not be able to customize their hair from the current settings.
    • Micke now has a custom icon
    • finished up more work on float text
    • Loot can now be dropped on any movable atom; not just npcs.
    • Doppelgangers now get recycled.
    • Non-boss Doppels should now be fixed. ** hopefully **
    • wooden crates that get broken have a chance to drop loot.
    • Shopping Carts are now moveable barricades
    • float text was rewritten and now behaves much differently.
    • kett recieved some tweaks.
    • players now gain cash.
    • Every fifth wave is a long intermission now.
    • added vendors to the game
    • added new vanity items to the vanity vendor.
    • Fixed the layering of player overlays.
    • The Wave indicator now says "Intermission" during intermissions.
    • made a few tweaks to Streetside.
    • added a handful of new clothes and vanity affects.
    • support npcs now have a chance to spawn at the start of every wave. they'll stay until they die.
    • Enemies no longer spawn in view of players.
    • Dashing no longer uses trigger_dir for steering (bug)
    • Doppelgangers are back in the fray
    • Doppelgangers can now be encountered during normal waves.
    • Doppelgangers now use object recycling.
    • added a pause mechanic for solo players.
    • rewrote how the doppelganger's wave gets handled.
    • fixed a rare runtime with sticky grenades.
    • sprint goes further now
    • bleeders no longer become immune after being culled.
    • tick_lag now 0.25 and fps is now 40 to improve online performance/input response.
    • added more to the pre recycle and pre recycle preloads 50 of everything now instead of 100.
    • Started on stage 2 of Streetside.
    • Revamped portal mechanics; still need to finish portal spawning and player portal skill
    • Decreased the liklihood of creating Bleeders.
    • added the new macro lists.
    • removed the spectate toggle inject from the interact command. (finally!!)
    • all macros are now broken into four separate lists; play; textinput; spectate; lobby
    • fixed a bug where green smoke would sometimes spawn in place of normal smoke.
    • Brutes received a HP buff.
    • sticky bombs/grenades no longer lose their density when collected.
    • scanlines now get drawn early.
    • created player/overlay effects.dm
    • revives tracker overlay is now under mob/var instead of a global var
    • fixed macros for screenshots and gamepad setup
    • fixed offsets for HUD elements.
    • the lobby player list doesn't make blank fields for connecting players anymore.
    • removed all maps except Streetside and Evacuate from map rotation.
    • player preview icon when creating a character would have fucky arm offsets.
    • item drops are now 32x32 states
    • arms are now 64x64 states
    • added a new gun; stalker
    • Faces are now a unique overlay slot.
    • ported a bunch of new interface and char creation stuff from Unwanted's build.
    • designed a new reloading indicator.
    • green sticky bombs now also create green smoke upon detonation!
    • Improved the spread of the Lysergia.
    • rewrote and condensed a bit of code pertaining to enemy spawning.
    • enemy spawn progression is now randomized and the code in the spawnlist return proc was vastly condensed and improved.
    • enemies now have a spawn_rate variable that determines the liklihood of that enemy being included in a round's spawn mix.

    Phew, we've been busy and hopefully development is about to ramp back into gear! We have a lot of big plans that I've been hinting at in recent weeks but I'm going to ask for your patience for just a little bit longer! We're trying to get a few things finished up before we come public with our first big Feed campaign, but trust us the wait is worthwhile! We refuse to disappoint out beloved Feeders. (;

    As always, I strongly encourage everyone who's even remotely interested in Feed to join our fantastic Discord Community. Our community is friendly and active with numerous interests discussed beyond Feed. You can even participate in our live community radio! Not to mention you'll be on the forefront of all breaking news regarding Feed development and beta tests! Become a Feeder today!

    Stay awesome and as always, cheers!
    -- FeedTeam

    2011 - 2017
    Kumorii | Unwanted4Murder