Eternia: Battlegrounds

by Writing A New One
Update Notes - April 18th, 2017

  • Change: The monster loot system has been revamped, instead of only being able to drop a single loot box, monsters can drop multiple items, each getting its own probability roll. This will prevent more common items from preventing less common ones from dropping. Loot items will be highlighted when they drop and will vanish in 5 minutes. You will also only get loot if you've done enough damage to gain exp/crowns, regardless of party status.
  • Change: Dramatically decreases the magic defense of blobs.
  • Change: Chuggums' spawns are a lot less powerful.
  • Addition: The item description window now shows a weapon's gem/orb if it has one.


This isn't a big update, but it's an important one in that it changes how loot drops are handled by the game. In the previous versions when you killed a monster with a loot list it would pick a single item from that list, then do a probability roll based on the value set in the list. If this failed you'd get nothing. This allowed for loot tables with more common items to effectively block rarer drops.

The way it works now is when you kill a monster with a loot list, it'll go over every item in that list, and do an independent probability roll for each item (based on the same values as before), if the roll passes the item will drop. Multiple items can now drop from a single kill, and instead of using the loot box system it simply dumps the items on the ground (only the player who killed the monster can see them) so you can pick them up if you want them, otherwise they'll vanish after 5 minutes.
Uhm I made my new Nerie character and I'm level 22 now. I haven't gotten a single loot drop since I created this character. Is this a bug? That kinda seems like more than just simple RNG.
Fixed, sorry about that.
No problem at all the quick response time was reward enough! Keep up the great work Nad!