Been working on a base, the north/south looks okay, but when I try to keep to the same proportions for east/west I create an aberration. plshelpme.

I'm no pixel artist but I'd say thats because the arms are going behind his back. Try moving his arms the same level as the body.
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I think it's more because of how stiff the character looks.

I found this on google images and it looks a lot like what you're trying to do. You can clearly tell how this artist has positioned the feet in front of one another and differentiated with shading. I would also try to twist to character's chest to face more towards the viewer so it doesn't look as unnatural as this guy's and making a hand appear on the other side with darker colours.

but yeah the arms being so far back is weird
Sorry for the late response, life's been hectic, so which should i go for out of the two of these?


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Also you might want to saturate the darker shade just a little to make it more appealing to the eyes also just make it slightly darker, cause you may be able to see where the shade is but others can't. you should be able to tell the transitions between shades. Shades are supposed to give definition and shape.The closer you have it to the base color the more flat it appears. If you want me to teach you more here's my discord Xyber #9675 skype is jeffrey.redding2