hello dear friends

apologies for the delays; there were several things out of my control (life, work, judgers dropping out, couldn't find new judgers, etc). shit happens. my third judger won't reply to my messages, so you know, fuqq it. givin' up. two judgers is enough. don't care no more.

thank you FLICK and METAMORPHMAN for doing the things no one wanted to do

the results are now posted here: http://wiki.byond.games/mgiad2017

for people too lazy to click, winners in order:
Congratulations to the winners, and special thanks to SSX for hosting the event and to Flick and Metamorphman for their detailed reviews!
After seeing Metamorphman's, I wish I'd formatted mine a little better :P Congrats to everyone who got a game judged. No matter how you did, you did better than me because I didn't finish one.
4th place >:D
Congrats on a great event, SSX!
sounds good to me :)
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