Sorry to hear this happened... RIP.
worked with him on Pokemon Atom :[ cool, always talked football as well. RIP, pal.
I'm sorry for the lost.
Rest in peace,
Awful to hear about this. Rest in peace.
Been hearing much talk of this on Discord. Didn't realize it was a serious issue! May his soul RIP
I enjoyed looking at his game projects and I used a couple of his resources when I was learning a few things. He never really met me or chatted with me but I was a silent fan of his work.

I'm sure he had a good impact - both as a developer and as a person - to the people around him.

Rest in peace bud. I hope your somewhere in heaven seeing everyone acknowledge your life and work.
Oh my f* god...
I just opened BYOND to look to old projects and old times, and I just get to this post...
I worked with him in many occasions and we both learned from each other. I feel so ashamed for leaving the community without notice...
I am just sorry... Rest in peace Amir
RIP I cry everyday and everynight
TBH, knew Kidpaddle as well as I know just about anybody around here. We never worked together on anything. He'd mostly come to me with questions about how things worked. He didn't stick around. I'd explain something, he'd say: "Gotcha" and then he'd just do it.

Except for one time. One time he came to me after someone attempted to blackmail him, claiming that they had his pokemon atom source code. I told him not to worry about it and to just keep moving forward: Shore up any security holes you have, keep adding to that source you are working on. The more you change, the more useless you make any potential leaks. He had a bit of a crisis, and we had a long conversation about why he was using BYOND. What his options were elsewhere, and whether he was making things to satisfy the urge to make things, or to be seen as someone who makes things.

I didn't see much of him after that. But he kept chugging, apparently. Today I opened my friends list looking for someone to run a few conceptual questions by.

That's when it hit me. That circle's never turning green again. That's when I got sad.

We're a small community. Filling in the shoes of a lost member is hard, even if they are small. These weren't small shoes. The feeling of his absence will linger.

RIP you magnificent bastard.


Kidpaddle was a great dude and was constantly pushing and posting about his projects. A real inspiration. I never personally talked to the guy, but he was just one of those familiar faces around the community and seeing the impact he had on people here is truly bittersweet.


I've never been the most active of people, but I'll show respect where it's due.

Rest in pease, amigo. I loved your work ;'(
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