Teridal + Seika

by Iccusion Entertainment
Teridal + Seika
Online role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy world.
Hello everybody. It has been a long time since I made a post about the status of Teridal. The last status update was when I said I would no longer be working on Teridal on BYOND. It came out of nowhere and a lot of players were upset, which is understandable. As mentioned in that previous post, I had moved on to bigger things.

For many years now, I have been working on my own game creation service. It has progressed quite a bit, but sadly it is still unfinished due to not being able to work on it full time, mainly because a lack of funding (although it is getting very close to an open beta), so I started a Patreon to raise money so I can work on it full time.

I contemplated for awhile on whether I should make this post or not, mainly because it indirectly advertises my game creation service, which is a competitor of BYOND and asks for contributions for projects outside of BYOND, but I came to the conclusion that you, the fans, deserve to know what is going on with my projects and Teridal itself (no matter where the game is). I figured if some of the more hardcore Teridal fans knew that they could have contributed to get a remake of Teridal released faster and I did not tell them, they would have been disappointed.

Yes, you heard right! I am officially remaking Teridal. However, it is currently a side project until I get my game creation service polished up. But the more money I raise, the more time I will be able to put into the remake. I plan to have the game feel like the original Teridal in many areas, but it will of course be quite different (and better obviously). Hopefully I will not disappoint the fans!

With all that said, here is the Patreon page: http://patreon.com/Iccusion

The rewards aren't super great yet, but I can give rewards retroactively, especially to Teridal players who contribute for a long time. Patreon keeps records of all that and once the game releases, I can reward people based on how much they contributed, including premium membership in the new game and so on. Also, as things progress, I will be adding more rewards long before release, both for Teridal supporters and supporters of my game creation service.

I want to reiterate that the Teridal remake is a side project and work on my game creation service comes first, but that service is getting closer and closer to open beta, at which point I can put more time into the Teridal remake (not to mention, the more money coming in, the more spare time I will have to work specifically on the Teridal remake).

As for people who want some rewards in the current BYOND version of Teridal, if you pledge at least $5 and then private message me your email, amount pledged, and BYOND key, I will give you a lifetime subscription to the BYOND version of the game.

Long story short, I'm not dead, I'm still actively developing my game creation service and working on a Teridal remake (among other games, including personally helping other people make their games) on the side, but looking for support and contributions to speed things up!

Thanks in advance to anybody who contributes.
I miss when Teridal used to be Seika. Back then anyone could host, no classes holding you down, and many open-ended ways in the world. Just the game feels rather clunky with it's new style now, with a small screen you can't resize, and the way you attack can be somewhat tedious, having to double click an enemy with a chance you have to do it again just to start attacking. I'm probably plain wanting the old ways, but it was quite fun. Just, i dunno, Teridal lost it's appeal after i given it a couple tries. It just feels... Small.

Seika had alot. You could go out going hand to hand combat like a monk, train as a ranger, tame any creature into a companion to fight with you, even levelup, aswell as many places to make a home, even sail the ocean. It felt nice because there was no restrictions. I know, it was an old version, but that nostalgia is what made it so fun. Having no restrictions, mob taming, all of that, it had a unique feel to it...

But Teridal, it feels much different than Seika. It, feels like most other MMOs you can find all over the internet, and the small screen can get annoying at times.
Aaiko, can you atleast provide us the seika source or atleast host files for it? it was really awesome.
Glad to hear you are still making progress. I signed up for the patreon and even bought a membership on your site. I really miss the game...hopefully things work out!
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Argent Element wrote:
Glad to hear you are still making progress. I signed up for the patreon and even bought a membership on your site. I really miss the game...hopefully things work out!

I saw that. I really appreciate it. You should join the Discord if you're interested in keeping up with the updates. :)
Hello Aaiko! Its been some time. I'm pretty happy to see that you still have the game up and running and now the old version going. That really brings back the memories. Excited to see your new project. As always I'll check in and see whats new in Aaiko world!

-Mr Jones/Lonestar(lol)
Hey aaiko i donated for sub benefits could you activate them pelase, thanks alot
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This is the Seika I remember, and I came back to byond after all these years just to try to play it again but I'm having no luck even playing the new versions.

I really just want to fire up a local game back when it was all about taming a rat and riding around like an idiot. Right about when the castles were first introduced, that was amazing. I'd pay $20 just to be able to mess around on that again