Harvest Moon 2's progression is going slowly, but there will be tons of features to keep people entertained and busy. The forums are always open for suggestions, comments or questions about HM2
One of the things I disliked most about your first HM game was the fact you were bascilly working for someone else.

While that prospect might seem nice to some people, like working at the bar or something, Id perfer to own my OWN land, and build my OWN home.

I hope, in this new game, you might consider actully adding in a town, and forests and stuff, and property lots players can buy.
Introducing the new Byond Critic, I will review your game from the original. Harvest Moon Trinity Ranch was really a great game. But whats up with the hosting? Huh, is it to much trouble to give others the files?

As Shade said will you be able to Own your own farming land and expand the land that you own? Will automobiles be added? Other than horses and Chocobos You gotta count on the good ol' Pick up truck you know to transport good and animals. Also There should be plenty mor eyou could do with animals and there are more than chickens, dogs, wolves and Horse. Try adding pigs amd sheep goat and such.

There is sucha thing called the County fair. Maybe adding a time period in fall, To show overall progress of how you take care of your animals.These are all suggestions to help your game become just a little better.
Well, to answer some of your questions... uhm..

There are going to be other animals, and there are in TR. As of now, there are going to be Cows, Chickens, Ducks, Sheep, Pigs, Dogs, Cats, and Hampsters alongside horses.

In HM2, you can technically work for yourself. There will be 10 jobs to work on, and you can master some of these. With this you can open a shop, a restraunt, and bar if you choose.

As far as I've seen from tests, there will be public farms, but prehaps he will add gardens to houses (the main reason that TR had shared farming, was because it was suppost to be a community. This however is not quite so heavily community based.)

No, hes stated before that expanding your land would take to much space. If you could own your own land, then it you're stuck with what you bought unless you sell it.

There will be fairs/festivles set up by the moderators in HM2. Every pair of mods (theres 6) will be assigned a town to keep closer watch on, and do community events for.

Wild is ALWAYS open to suggestions. If you have any, post them on the TR fourm, or on here (please note for the later of the two, you'll have to register an account.)

Thank you for your interest in HM2, and we hope you play.
Hi im Bryden123 and i LOVE harvest moon like i have both games on GBA i play ur game on my cpu! and i have a HM game on my X-box (n64 ver.) i wanna right a "guide" to ur game and if i may help u with getting icons for HM2 i can get or make anyting u need and all i ask in return is that im able to play ur game!!

The only thing is that ur game dosent have is a huricane and when one comes the "farm life" can be swept away out of there pens and be eaten by wolfs! If im able to write the guide plz msg me at or when i come on to ur AMAZING game tell me than! im going to be gone for 1 week aug 22-28!(at my cottage) thats the only time i wont be playing ur game!
Bryd? the hurricane didnt result in the death of animals - only unhappy ones, and a couple of plants missing. how would it work anyway, in the HM games i've played when theres a hurricane or a blizzard or whatev you just couldnt leave your house (which was why ur animals go upset at ya ^_^;;) *would log out for a few til hurricane ended :-P*

^_^ time to go refresh the TR front page til i see my fave word: "Live" XD
Y isnet HMTR up i missed the game so much i just bought HM Friends of Mineral town on gba :)
I haven't played the game, but I'm a fan of the HM series.
Get SwapMaps, find out how to use it and make a land-purchase system. You can even have a template so you don't have to do a list of 50 million new()s. Just. One. Proc.
Hey wild wats up I love HM i play HM TR I am going to love HM SE Wild u r so cool. and um can i be a GM on HM2 if u have not made any yet so i love HM so i really wish i could be 1 well see u later homie

From mada07731
WildBlood man i think its bullshit that Omnipotence never gets hosted or anything, its a good game and was really popular if i didnt have my DSL router(built in firewall) i would be hosting it 24/7 anyways iv been playing ur games from Pets to Omnipotence and HM
Strangest thing last night: Some of the people on HMTR say that it's going down because HMSE is going up. Is this fact or fiction? AND WHY WON'T THE STUPID OYSTERS GIVE ME PEARLS!?!
Wild Blood is so freakin awsome hes awsome his best game is
Omnipotence its so freakin awsome his game should be ranked #1 in the world
Here is a small tip:

Turn off your frickin' caps lock.
HMSE is going to be awesome because... I won't be so dependant on other jobs! Yay! ^_^

I'm a charm crafter in HMTR and it's so dependant on other jobs. Whenever i make a cat charm I need a fisher to get me a catfish, an ocean diamond, and a freshwater bass. Then, I need a brewer to make bass oil and flower dew. And when there isnt a brewer/fisher on...

But in HMSE we get skills (or something like that, can't remember wild's exact words) in jobs and we can get good at multiple jobs. ^_^ Good luck Wild!

Insanekill3r: That's not him shutting down... that's the server crashing. >.<

P.S. Wild, can you host more often? :p Sometimes it takes a week before HMTR goes up =/
How come when you play IronDogs: Tactical Retreat it appears in a different hub?
the games are great but i think u should spent more time hosting harvest moonrach more
Btw, can you host Scarey_Game? If not, could you provide the host files so we can play it? I haven't played the game so I want to try it out.
dude, host the stupid game already(HMTR). Why does wildblood host those stupid boring games. HMTR is like the 2nd best game in this web
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