by Acebloke
[AMT] Join the war or build a city
Hi guys, just thought I'd pop on with some updates on Tanks!

Tanks in 2.0 currently are limited to mostly WW1 and Interwar period tanks for the 6 nations represented. But as we breach into the beginning of Cruiser Tanks and other Specialist tanks, I became wary of the need to balance effectively.

The level of updates in this version will probably tick it over from being 2.0.6 to being 2.1.0, with various changes planned and features optimised.

Already in the next version is the Vickers 6 Ton Tank, available for UK, Russia and Italy. However it got me thinking about how I set the stats for these tanks and I've come to a decision.

I'm going to be ensuring that the individual weapons used on multiple tanks have the same attack values across the board. Additionally, similar armour will have similar stats, though a bit more fluid like it is now.

Speed of Tanks has been a thing since 2.0, and it'll continue to by influencing combat order. But the one thing I'm going to be changing is the oil use. I've previously based it on "light tanks use less so it uses say 10, but Medium tanks use 20" and so on. Now I'm directly linking the Tonnage weight of Tanks to the amount of oil they use. Those Tankettes nobody use? Wow! Less than 2 oil per unit now! Been using K-Wagens? Oh dear that's a 120 oil hit for each unit to attack with!

Other updates will include that attacking tanks going over rough terrain such as Arid and Mountain will suffer speed reductions. I'm also mulling over whether defending Tanks will use oil at a reduced rate when attacked.

I've also hummed and harred over whether to include prototype/concept tanks, especially for the early pre-WW1 and WW1 period. Up to now I've used select Tanks that were built but not necessarily saw combat, but with this change might give a bit of a boost to Russian, US and German early tank units to bring it more in line with France and the UK. Italy unfortunately, still a bit stuck! But I'll see what I can do about balancing them a little.

One other combat thing I have implemented is that in your War Ministry, infantry units are listed by unit size (such as Battalion, Regiment etc) this is a very basic fluff feature, but when spying on enemies this more vague value is now shown instead of the exact number of troops giving a bit more secrecy to the size of armies.

That is probably it for today on today's changes, I can't say when this update will be out but I suspect it'll be sometime this month.
Sometime next month! :P

I'm planning a bit of a WW1 themed update, so I'm hoping to include various other changes:

1) I'm going ahead and including early prototype tanks to give other nations half a chance of building units in early period.
2) Trade ships will be upgraded to the point of WW1ish ships (this means, steam ships instead of sail).
3) There'll be at least one new infantry unit upgrade to fit the WW1 theme.
4) I'm attempting to create some chiptune tracks to play in the background and serve as some kind of soundtrack. I have 2 tracks so far, and I'm aiming for at least 6, but I'll need to expand them to last a bit longer (aiming for at least 2 minutes a track).
5) I would like to add some chemical weapons in as "early nukes" which was originally planned.
6) Ship combat isn't likely in this version! Oh well.
7) I should be adding in the Special forces unit for UK, US, Russia like I should have done.
8) I want to give some world data a bit of a revamp and some visual representations so we'll see if I can do something like that. Probably merge it with the religion window.
Keep it up! You're doing great. Also maybe i will pull nutyy out of his cave of hibernation and get a game going soon. We'll see