by Kumorii
An experimental multiplayer action survival twitch-shooter! Chaos and pixelated gore, galore!

With Feed development being in full throttle, Unwanted4Murder and I only have so much time on our hands and that time is dedicated to priority mechanics/features. So in light of this, we're looking for interested individuals who would be interested in designing and creating intricate and moderately-sized maps.

This work will be unpaid(pending profit).

If you're interested, PM me or contact me on Discord: kumo#0588

Alternatively, join our Discord Community and follow the game's development and partake in community shenanigans!
Develop a map-maker environment and make a separate hub for it. Start getting into player-made maps. Just, have some way of approving player-made maps to be "official" or not. Because, you don't want to cause issues with scoreboards, etc. of people cheating with player-made maps.

Ruben7 made a Map Maker for their Resident Evil game.
In response to Maximus_Alex2003
OG Feed actually had a public map maker! I'd normally be totally for this, however Feed's map markup can get confusing and complicated for people who aren't savvy with mapping in DM. Player made maps will forsure be a thing in the future but for now, i'd like to hold off on that.
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