by Yukay Karyuu
A semi-sandbox, and strict-roleplay game.
It's been probably close to 5-6 months now since the disappearance of Era Z(formerly known as "The BallZ") Iknow, server relocations, hub relocations, alot of confusement- I get it.. If you haven't checked on the original hub yet for the recent posts, there was a fallout between me and my previous colleague which led me to continue on with Era separate from his own.

This is where you will now see the official and future posts of EZRP. There has been ALOT done in my absence excluding the work done on the separate game called Generations(Which is originally my source), which is the work of their own staff.

All hairs, and clothing have finally been fully implemented for all races/builds and ages. Hence "Builds" *wink*

New races have been added such as the new "Wolf" race we have seen in DBS for Universe 6, although there is still much to learn about the race entirely, the general default of it's statistics and traits are well recorded from what has been seen.

There are also new techniques and traits installed; you can check on the official forums to see exactly which was implemented.

There's been a change to the staff of course- and I am also still looking for more team-members. Feel free to give me a shout, but applying on the forums is preferred and gives you a better chance at a possible role.

Again, sorry for the long absence- the wait, I am here to stay and so is Era and now is the time to get back on the right track. I appreciate your loyalty and cross my fingers it remains.


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i wonder how you plan to implement the new "Universal" races :o definitely looking forward to it