I suck at making big elaborate creatures so I'm reaching out for someone to help me on the kaiju side of things for a project I'm trying to tackle here on BYOND.
Project Name: Monstrous
Position Requirements: Just make the kaiju pixel art for the game. That's about it.
Position Compensation: Paid, and will be discussed.
About Monstrous: Two kaiju players battle it out while the human players try to survive.
Simple enough. The premise is at the start of the game two players are randomly selected to play as kaiju. The kaiju player's goals are simple. Kill the other kaiju for bonus experience or work together to take down the human players before they can evacuate.

The human players must complete a serious of objectives before evacuating and survive against the kaiju onslaught.
That said, in the initial release or whatever I'm looking to have about four kaiju to play as. And then expand from there in later releases, etc.
If interested, fire me off a DM on here.