Space Blast

by Woo
Space Blast
Multiplayer battles in outer space!
Space Blast 2.0 Alpha 2

That time when you've run out of fuel, and just keep drifting...

Alpha 2 adds more danger! Slimies can now devour you if you get too close, so don't drift into them, and shoot 'em down from a distance! But your efforts will be rewarded, since the slimey goo now has a useful effect! Also, Alpha 2 boasts a new heads-up display, so you can have your inventory in awesome slots, and keep track of your health and fuel. Be careful with your fuel—it goes fast!

  • Heads-up display now includes Health, Inventory, and Fuel.
  • Slimies are now more dangerous!
  • Lots of fun new sounds!
  • Slimey goo can be used for a nice effect!
  • And more!
What is your favorite new sound?

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