by Kumorii
An experimental multiplayer action survival twitch-shooter! Chaos and pixelated gore, galore!

Howdy, Feeders!

This isn't a Devblog (that's coming up soon though!) but i'd like to make a notice that the leaderboard has been wiped again so all scores are reset! Now's time to lay claim to that #1 spot while it's still easy pickins! (for those without a standalone build, there's likely to be an alpha server online later this evening).

We're excited to share in detail all the stuff we've been working on behind the scenes the last few weeks, but we still have some ends to tie up before this round of content is stable. Mounts, Eyeliner, Brute Crawlers and Brute Bleeders, and numerous tweaks and layers of fresh polish! Let's also not speak of the Trickster of Terror, Orojoro, either..

Have a great day, Feeders and get excited for what's coming!
Feed is king!
- Kumorii / FeedTeam



In response to Manio
it actually kind of looks like she's saying "oro...joro"