Problem description:
This is not really a problem with any code itself, but more of an observation I made. It seems that even if a game I am hosting for player testing does not have a hub entry set, some of the player testers knew when I was logged in. In case anyone is wondering, before I go into any more detail I'll explain why this is important.

The players in question had found several glitches but instead of reporting them, they were trying to figure out ways to exploit them. I am sure there is no way they could see me from in the game itself, so I am guessing that they could see on the pager somehow who is connected to the game.

Finding glitches is not something all testers are good at, its the ones who like to exploit them who are best at finding them, only these guys don't report what they find, in hopes they can use it later when and if the game gets finished and has regular players.

I know I should find better testers, more honest, ect. Maybe it will happen, all we can do is hope. My real concern though is if I am ever really all the way invisible, so I can actual catch them exploiting the glitches, or is there always a way to see who is connected to a game.

Pretty sure that if you set it to invisible when hosting it and just give out the byond:// you should be fine.

Only thing to keep in mind is if the people you give the byond:// to give it out, then obviously people can join.
connect to the game with a different key ? l:
Its not a problem if they give it out, the problem I had was not being able to be completely invisible when I was on the game. Does the pager show how many people are connected to a game if that game does not have a hub entry?

Also, if it does, then they will always see how many players are logged in through the hub?
If you want to run the game completely invisible, just run it single-player from your DM. Ctrl + R
I want people to be able to connect, I just don't want them to know I am connected, so I can see what they are doing, and the glitches they found, but wont report.
Okay so host it with Dream Daemon, set the visibility to private, give out the byond:// to people you want to join. That's all you need to do, I swear it!
Do you seek protection hiding ip? If so ...

Always with the way to get ip, I believe that cmd is simple.

You have no reason to hide.

A DoS attack for example, your dedicated should be ready for it.

Watch for your company's support tickets, in order to mitigation, ip detection of the attacker, to cancel the machine of the client of another company.

No dedicated company accepts the DoS act.