In response to Ter13
I'm just getting a runtime error at .....() part
runtime error: bad proc
proc name: Added (/effect/stat_change/ticker/Added)
source file:,89
usr: Guest-(/mob)
src: /effect/stat_change/ticker (/effect/stat_change/ticker)
usr.loc: null
call stack:
/effect/stat_change/ticker (/effect/stat_change/ticker): Added(Guest-(/mob), 14)
/effect/stat_change/ticker (/effect/stat_change/ticker): Add(Guest-(/mob), 14)
Guest-(/mob): test()

the error is a the line of ....() with 4 dots, then I try to .....() I get
error: .....: not a prototype
Could effects be used towards a combo system?
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