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Is there a way to hide verbs from right click menu's?
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Hide from right-click menus:
set popup_menu = 0

Hide from command panels:
set category = null

Hide from anyone with see_invisibility < X:
set invisibility = X

Hide from everything:
set hidden = 1
Theoretically that should work, but I've been trying to use it to give all obj's an admin-only verb like so..

set src in view(5)
set invisibility = 1
del src

Admins are, on login, checked and set like so

                isadmin = 1

The admin check works as does the usr.sight, but for some reason with invisibility higher than 0, the right click doesn't show at all.
I'm not seeing you set see_invisible.
No. see_invisible is a separate variable. SEEINVIS, SEEMOBS SEEOBJs and SEETURFS aren't actually anything. Where the heck are you getting those values from?
I wasn't aware this (below) wasn't doing that. My bad. It works now, thankyou.
I can't remember exactly, it was a bit of older code I got ages ago from an admin type of thing. I think it might be a bit outdated
I think SEEINVIS might just be a poorly named abstraction for SEE_INFRA.

Don't know why they felt the need to expose SEEMOBS to replace SEE_MOBS, SEEOBJS for SEE_OBJS, and SEETURFS for SEE_TURFS though.
Oh shit, apparently those predate They are part of the guide chapter 6.