by Yukay Karyuu
A semi-sandbox, and strict-roleplay game.
So, since the announcement of the closed testing we've had this week, I've gotten alot of hit ups asking if they can "host" or "buy" my game. Ontop of that, alot of you have came to me asking me why is there some guy hosting my game.

For one, let me explain for the FINAL time.

Liquidwhip's game is his own shit. He took the time to change a few words in "my" coding and claimed the game his. Right now if you check his game, he has about 1-3 players online and 9/10 that are him and his friend or his two alts... Please DO NOT COMPARE HIS SHIT TO MY SHIT. My game is x10 different, given I was forced to change my entire source around from my OWN ORIGINAL shit because some guy swears to God what I made is his and won't change it.

Not sure what this guys mental condition or issue is but I chose not to feed it anymore attention. Numbers never lie. The guy at first said I lost all my players and everyone supports him now and how he has the entire DBG playerbase up his sleeve... He goes live for weeks now and hasn't even touched an average playerbase, not even 10. I went on closed testing for 45 minutes and had nearly 29+ Login Attempts, and even my closed testing server had more players than his- which I'm not surprised..

Please, for everyone migrating here after seeing how shit his game is, I ask that you stop paging me about his game, stop telling me what his game doesn't have as if I'm affiliated- stop asking me about when my game will be up because 9/10 it'll be up the next minute you ask. Also, I'm not selling the source or looking for any host, nor am I stupid. Please stop making alts and paging me with the same offers it's getting annoying now.

Again, just stop. Right now I'm working hard on getting the game polished with new features and a new look aside from what I Originally Created for "Generations". Bare with us.
From me to you friend I recommend a better name.

It's just cringe.
Humor attracts.
Alright. I'm your future competition by the way.
Anythings better than the competition I have now, I look forward to it.