Dragonball WWA

by Critical172
A new DBZ game

Earth (Androids & Majins)
Namek (Namekians & Aliens)
Saiyan (Saiyans)


Everything you do in society will be tracked with Society Points which help you rank up and gives you rewards later on


Each Society has 5 total ranks which affect the missions you can take on and your overall involvement in society

Rank 1:
(Requirement: Create a Character)
Low Class (Saiyan)
Home Protector (Namek)
Private (Earth)
Can do "Very Easy" and "Easy" Missions

Rank 2:
(Requirement: 20 Society Points)
Middle Class (Saiyan)
Village Guardian (Namek)
Lieutenant (Earth)
Can do "Normal" and "Hard" Missions

Rank 3:
(Requirement: 70 Society Points and completed Story Mode)
Elite Class (Saiyan)
Village Guardian (Namek)
General (Earth)
Can do "Extreme" Missions, Can be appointed as council, Can be voted as leader of Society, Can have jobs

Rank 4:
(Requirement: Must be appointed by Leader)
Royal Guard (Saiyan)
Royal Guard (Namek)
FBI (Earth)
Can act on the leader's behalf but must be approved by unanimous council vote

Rank 5:
(Requirement: Must be voted on by your Society)
King (Saiyan)
Protector (Namek)
President (Earth)
Can conquer other planets, Can promote members in Society, Can give jobs, Can change taxes, Can use funds to make players/planet better

How to become Rank 5:
Once your society has three active Rank 3 players, there will be an announcement telling everyone in your society to vote for a new leader.
You can only vote once and the candidates must stay online to be accounted for.

What to do once you're Rank 5:
You must make your Society a better place. To do that you will need funds. You can spend funds on programs that help members of your Society
level faster, do more damage, and other bonuses. You can also spend funds on construction to build a more appealing Planet.

Funds are gained primarily through purchases and conquered planets and are regulated through taxes.
Other great sources of Funds include
Gambling Tower (Namek)
Real Estate (Earth)
Bardock Link-Skill (Saiyan)

Conquering Planets:
To conquer a planet, the leader of your Society must Start War with a planet that isn't under your control. You will then have 5 minutes to prepare.You must enter the Society Safehouse and wait there until war has officially started. Once the war has started it will last for 10 minutes. You can either talk to Whis to be teleported to the battlefield or you can take a spaceship. For each kill on the warring Planet, your Society gains points based on your rank. The side with the most points win. Once you control a Planet you can start making profit off of it.
Looks amazing great job crit :D.