I just caught myself wandering over the Nostalgia of BYOND, things like old posts, comments, games and even old players- one in particular: Tom.

I noticed it says he joined around 1999, but I heard rumors of BYOND existing earlier than that.

Is there any proof of a 1990s BYOND? Or a Nostalgic BYOND?

Matter of fact, new Nostalgic thread; post anything from 2009 & BACK! GO

(But nosrs, I'd love to see a Windows 98 version of BYOND.)
BYOND has existed in some form or another since late 1995.
You want some nostalgia? About a week and a half ago I discovered the cause of a bug in a very old game. I remembered the bug as soon as I saw why it was happening, and was shocked to realize the solution was so simple it practically slapped me across the face.

And just today I was thinking it'd be awesome to remake Laser Wars with BYOND's updated graphics capabilities.
I was looking for an old article I wrote about control schemes, when I stumbled on this: