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Status: Resolved (web)

This issue has been resolved.
The old version of the BYOND website had really nice support for use of a web browser's back button. The new site doesn't seem to have the same support.

What I mean by support is that on the old version of the site, whenever you used the back key, it would also act as a refresh key, so that any topics you looked at and just came back from, would be marked as read, counts updated, etc. ( I use the back key way to much to navigate).

I don't know much about how possible this is to implement with the new site, but it was a nice feature of the old one. Its something that I don't see on any other website.
Doesn't the new functionality make more sense than the back button functioning as a refresh feature?
I believe this should work now. Turned out to be an Apache setting we we no longer using.
Tom resolved issue
Nice! I'm very happy to see this reimplemented :)
This has broken for me since the site went offline for that maintenance like a week ago.
I think it should work now. It's associated with a caching module that I'd like to disable because it causes other problems. So we have to pick one or the other until we can figure out the issue.
In response to Tom
It's working now.