Its an odd problem that makes the game almost unplayable without reconnecting to the server. For example, if i open up my PDA the window will work for the first time but when i close it down and re-open the PDA, the popup remains white with a boarder around it.

This problem happens in all servers i access so i'm not sure if the problem is with SS13 proper or if it is with Byond.

I use Windows 7 and it only started happening 3 days ago, before then the game ran flawlessly without this happening. I've cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled and even run it in compatibility and admin and it doesn't seem to solve the problem.

If you have any idea whats going on or why it suddenly stopped running like it should, i would appreciate the feedback.
Same is happening to me. No idea what to do.
the issue is that the embedded IE interface is not loading into the window.

There is a bug report on the beta bug forums (since the bug first showed up in the 511 beta) where I delved into this.

I doubt this issue will ever get fixed because it isn't happening on lummox's system. so he can't figure out the cause.

I know it has to do with delays or blocking behavior in disk accesses, so in your anti-virus scanner try exempting the byond dreamseeker program/process, the program files (x86)/byond folder, and the my documents/byond folder.
try ooc->fix-chat, then hit force reload, then nope. That should fix the bug for that session
I updated to the Beta and that fixed my issues.