by Taint_thewizard
The everlasting adventure.
I have packed in some new features before I start the semester.

I will have the game out for testing within a few weeks from now.
But I have plans on working all through that time

- Avalon has a full gender system.
- Characters will have show able accessories and equipment.
- Element system.
- Full quick access inventory and spell system
- Support a team of 3 players.
- Players will be able to role play and get married during game play.
- Stepping closer to game feel environment, basically eliminated all alerts
and verb commands on the game. All options will be available in your player's

I will have much more but these are stuff to look forward for now.
The game is full screen. I need an opinion on that, its easy as pressing a button to close the game, but I am still deciding if full screen is a good route.

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