by Kumorii
An experimental action survival twitch-shooter! Chaos and pixels!

Howdy, Feeders!

Summer is out and Fall is in! I don't know about you, but Fall is my favorite time of year -- between the weather, Halloween, and Pumpkin-flavored things, there just isn't much not to love! It's also special because this November will mark the 7th anniversary of Feed's inception! It's hard to imagine that it was almost a decade ago that Feed initially came to be and how much it's matured and developed over the years since!

Community News

Scoreboards have been wiped since our last devlog, but the competition has proven to be just as fierce as last season with the champion title being held by a new player!

1. Anal Beads | 453 Kills | Wave 14
2. KumoLabRat | 426 Kills | Wave 14
3. Genocide Jack | 389 Kills | Wave 19

Development News

We've been quiet for a long time now, but we've been hard at work on multiple fronts. We're preparing for a fairly large public event in approximately a month that I hope you will all enjoy! It's been tough to make sure everything is stable and up to par with where we want it in time for things, but it's certainly proving to be a fruitful endeavor! I'm not going to cover everything that's been done/being worked on but I'll give a taste..

Player customization has been improved and gameplay deepened by introducing player classes. As of now there are three classes in-game, each with their own base stats, traits, and a special ability that is unique to the player's class. Players will select a class when creating their character and will not be able to change classes afterwards! We're flirting with the idea of allowing save slots for multiple characters, but that'll be for a different day. The three classes include;

Portal Master
- well-rounded stats, average movement speed
- special allows the player to cast portals at will.

- low base hp, 50% faster hp regeneration.
- fastest movement speed
- special is a friendly AoE hp regen.

- highest base hp, 50% damage resistance
- slowest movement speed
- special grants temporarily infinite clips for primary weapon.

More classes are certainly planned for the future!

We've also completely revamped the UI menus for character creation and vendors to be much more user friendly and look better. This, of course, comes coupled with another onslaught of new weapons and vanity affects. Another major overhaul is the rewrite of our spawning mechanics; enemies will now respawn/spawn outside of sight from players, while still ensuring that they're spawned within range of players. Minor change, but it makes for a world of difference in-game!

There's so much more i want to share with you guys, but I'll save that for when we announce our event next month! I hope you guys are excited and if you want to get some practice in beforehand, you should Join Feed's Discordand keep up to date with the latest news and development as well as have exclusive access to online alpha servers and occasional standalone testing! ( it also doesn't hurt that we have the BEST game community around c; )

-- Kumorii / FeedTeam

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Not being abrasive when I ask this, as is usually mistaken basically anytime I make a comment but, didn't you place the release date this month? Just curious but what prevented that from happening?
Also, why not release this to steam? Seems like you have enough content.

Feed hasn't had a release announced yet. At least not in the last year or so. We're looking at another year of devtime at least before we're ready for a release. You might be thinking of when i mentioned the event that we're planning next month?

A Steam release is most certainly the goal, but Feed is still barely budding out of alpha development and we have a lot that we still plan to do, with more ideas coming along every day. It's an ambitious project and we're completely against perpetuating the "early access" garbage that Steam gets drowned with. We want Feed to be above par to similar games in the market and immediately establish a quality, unique identity for itself to new players.

(this will make feed look better and hopefully increase it's release reputation a little bit -- the idea is to have it be a good enough game that it's popularity becomes self-sustaining. releasing an incomplete game before it's released kills hype for it and people who play a broken early version won't check it out again once it's "done")

Also, we're going to be using the beta period as an opportunity to gradually introduce Feed to new people, communities, etc. so that we already have a following when we release (so we can avoid releasing a multiplayer game that doesn't have any established community). This has already been working considering the majority of our community isn't even from BYOND.

tl;dr: We're holding off until Feed is truly done so we can guarantee a successful launch.
I see. Welp I'm sure you'll get there eventually. Thanks for the info.
Good luck!