Problem description:
I'm using the SwapMap library to Save and Load map chunks. I'm loading a small 5x5 map with floor and dense walls all-around. I'm placing it into the middle of a 25x25 map of water where the player starts out. This has always worked great.

I added forum_accounts pixel movement library and when the mob bumps into the dense wall in the WEST, the mob gets teleported to the original x-location of the object on the saved chunk which would be x:1.

The pixel movement library is showing a -1122 x offset which should normally by in the single digits and relative to the dense object I believe.

2d block collision
block_collision: -1122, 0

Any suggestions for what could be causing this?

Alright, the px and py in the pixel movement library is showing the original pixel offset so I may need to "refresh" the atoms after loading the chunk.
Yeah, that fixes it and it's not too painful. I already process all the atoms on the new map so refreshing the pixelmovement library vars is simple enough. 2.5 days of uhg though.